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How Important Is Belonging to a Church?

You may have asked this to yourself a couple or more times before? In this article, the same question will be answered. Of course, there’s the thought that God is an omnipresent God, which means that he can be anywhere and everywhere. “He sees all and nothing is ever hidden from him.” So, can you instead worship at home and alone?

There’s a good number of biblical and practical reasons why it is important to worship God together with a group or in the congregation, and they are exactly what you will find and learn as you read further.

Four Things That Prove the Importance of Going to a Church

1. God commands Christians to worship together. Worshiping alone is not a forbidden act. As a matter of fact, you can find from the gospel books that Jesus himself is pleased with someone who prays inside his closet, as opposed to someone who shows off to the crowd whilst praying. But the bible clearly tells that worshiping God together with the brethren or other Christians is an approved action. Knowing and reading this scripture in the book of Hebrews may be enough for you to change your mind if you are thinking about the opposite.

2. Worshiping God in the congregation is a sort of testimony.

If you read the journeys and histories of the people of Israel, God’s chosen people in the old testament times, you will understand from there that God seeks people to worship him. More to that, God is glorified among people who worship him. You going to church each and every time there’s a worship schedule is an action that undoubtedly pleases and glorifies God. This is because from your decision to worship God in front and amid other Christians, you are showing that you are not ashamed of your position but are instead thankful that you are God’s child. In the book of Psalms, you can read from there how David expressed himself positively on praising God and worshiping God in the congregation and in his holy temple.

3. Fellow Christians can edify you if you are down.

When life’s storm rages on you, you do not have to bear all the sorrow and trouble alone. You definitely are not alone. Amid the trials and temptations that you are going through, God can use your fellow Christians to be your source of strength, joy, and peace. Spend time with them, especially in worship.

4. You can edify discouraged Christian by being with them in a worship service.

Life on earth can bring in so many reasons to be wary. That’s why you can see that there are so many children of God right now who are tired of their lives and have gone confused about how to live right. As a Christian, you definitely have the duty to encourage your brother or sister who is at the point of discouragement. Going to church offers you the opportunity to know how other Christians are doing, and grab the chance to be an encourager.

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