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Why Go For a Responsive Web Design?

A few years ago, Google announced that mobile-friendly, responsive websites will see a boost in their search engine rank, and this is why responsive web design has been gaining in popularity and importance ever since. Responsive web design, however, has been around for a long while. Responsive web design was born because of technological advancement and the fact that you need to design your website for different screen sizes. Many people today simply use their smartphones or tablets not only to send messages and make calls but also to browse the internet and check out websites of interest. Because of high levels of mobile device usage, responsive web design’s importance is sure to continue.

What, then are the benefits of responsive web design?

There is a positive impact of responsive web design on many aspects of your business like SEO, conversion rates, user experience, and others that contribute to your business growth.

With responsive web design, you have a better user experience. The quality of user experience is seen in the amount of time spent on your site. They won’t stay on your website if they find it difficult to navigate because they need to do something else before they can read what is on the site.

Most global traffic today come from mobile devices. You will miss a lot if you forego responsive web design. You should check how many of your visitors come from mobile devices and the time they spend on your site. Your mobile visits will increase and they will stay longer on your site if you have a responsive website.

You need to create a mobile version of your website before. IF a mobile version of your website is created, then this will take a lot of time, then creating a responsive web design which adapts to every device you are using. It will cost you more to have two versions of your website because instead of only one, you create two websites.

Responsive web design takes less time to maintain and so you have plenty of time to focus on other important business matters.

Duplicate content is created if you have two versions of your website. Your search engine rank can get lower because search engines won’t know which content is relevant.

With responsive web design, your website stats are greatly simplified because you only have a single set of data. There is no need to read data from multiple reports to get an accurate picture since you can still get insight into which devices and browsers your visitors were using and how long they were in the site.

Loading time for responsive websites are faster especially for smartphones and tablets. When it takes less time for a page to load, then it impacts the user’s duration of visit.

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