An Excursion Through The Best City in America

Widely regarded to as the most popular city in the United States (and in the world) takes quite a while to explore. Tourists travel from all around the world to sightsee The Statue of Liberty, visit the World Trade Center monument, and/or divulge in rich American history. Whether it is on foot, or by public transportation, there is no wrong way to view NYC other than to just be there.

New York City bus tour is more than just the typical “And to your left is a city historic building” monotone experience. With multiple iconic landmarks at a backdrop for bold personalities on display daily easily creates a theatrical environment performance. There are a variety of tour/coach buses available within the city.

One of the most notable bus tours include THE RIDE which are a multitude of double decker motor coaches with millions of dollars invested into state-of-the-art-equipment. LED lights, 40-inch HD plasma TV screens, and comical hosts create one-of-a-time expeditions around the city. On a daily basis, entertainment in the form of street performers is guaranteed. It is typical to see singers performing cover (or original) songs, to dancers presenting group routines, and even artists/drawers/illustrators/painters, creating unique masterpieces in a matter of minutes.