3 Ways to Cut Back on Food Costs While On the Road

There’s nothing your family enjoys more than a good road trip. Being able to bid a temporary adieu to familiar surroundings and head off to parts unknown fills your entire crew with a profound sense of excitement. Unfortunately, these travel excursions have become rather pricey in recent years. Fluctuating fuel costs and hotel fees are only part of the problem; frequent restaurant trips can eat up your travel budget in no time. Fortunately for the cost-conscious traveler, there are a number of ways to reduce on-the-road meal costs.

Invest in an RV

If your family takes multiple road trips a year, investing in a motor home or travel trailer may prove worth your while. In addition to offering a comfortable alternative to traditional lodgings and saving you untold sums on hotel fees, RVs can prove invaluable in bringing down meal costs. Since many motor homes and travel trailers are outfitted with refrigerators and kitchenettes, you can store perishables and prepared home-cooked meals while in transit. If you’re intrigued by the idea of RV ownership, simply click here to learn more.

Stay at Hotels that Offer Complimentary Breakfast Buffets

In recent years, a large number of mid-range hotels have begun offering complimentary breakfast buffets to their guests. Although these buffets generally aren’t anything fancy, they contain all the tried-and-true breakfast table staples. Toast, bagels, scrambled eggs, oatmeal and cold cereal are just a few of the items found in the typical breakfast buffet. Furthermore, many buffets of this type welcome diners to take granola bars and pieces of fruit with them on their way out. This can go a long way towards reducing your trip’s snack bill.

Take a Rain Check on Lunch

You can also save a substantial sum by skipping lunch during your time on the road. Although some people may have a hard time supporting to the idea of missing a meal, it’s much easier than you may think. Provided your family eats a large breakfast – and possibly takes a few snacks from your hotel’s breakfast buffet – and eats an early dinner, no one in your crew should have a problem with taking a rain check on lunch.

Don’t let high meal costs deter your family from traveling. While it’s true that eating all your meals at restaurants can be expensive, there are numerous ways to reduce your dependency on eateries. Travelers who are serious about cutting back on food costs would do well to consider the previously discussed options.